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FlowRider® FAQs

Here are questions we regularly hear about the FlowRider®. Click a question to see our answer. If you have a question not listed, please CONTACT US and we’ll be happy to answer it.

I’ve always wanted a perfect wave in my backyard. How much does a FlowRider ® cost?

How does the FlowRider work?

What makes the FlowRider different from all other waterpark attractions?

How much power does the FlowRider use?

Is the technology proprietary?

Is the FlowRider safe?

What is the capacity of the FlowRider?

What opportunities exist for additional revenue generation?

Who buys a FlowRider?

What boards do you use?

How long does it take to install?

What is the lifespan?

Is the FlowRider similar to a wave pool?

Can the FlowRider connect to a Lazy River?

Are participants allowed to stand up ride on the FlowRider?

Who does the FlowRider appeal to?

Can the FlowRider be installed indoors?

Can the water be heated?

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