FlowCurl ®

What looks like a FlowRider, feels a bit like a FlowBarrel, has a patented, tensioned, Composite Membrane Ride Surface, is fun as heck and allows you the freedom of surfing a curling wave?  Do you need more clues?  Of course you don’t – you already had it figured out and the answer is the FlowCurl. 

FlowCurl suffers from an equally disturbing identity crisis.  It is the super premium version of the FlowRider, with some of the curling attributes of the epic FlowBarrel series of waves, only it is under tension and much more forgiving.  The FlowCurl will allow you to rip, as if you were surfing at the most ripable spot in the world, Trestles.  It is, in fact, a never ending Trestles wall, ready for destruction.

Surfers need variety, and so do those who ride our sheet waves, and the FlowCurl delivers.  Swing down into a hard bottom turn and go charging into the lip and follow that up with a gouging cutback; that is the beauty of the FlowCurl.  It feels just like tearing apart your favorite surf spot, but there is no fighting for waves.  Just wait for your turn and encourage your fellow riders to go off!

Powered by submersible pumps by Flygt, the FlowCurl will provide tremendous inspiration to a whole new category of riding – the total shredder who is looking for the “Curl” with a lip to bash and float across.  It is the multi-faceted attack of today’s new fleet of flowriding addicts that will put this attraction to the ultimate test.