FlowRider Junior

FlowRider ® Junior

Some may ask, “Why JR?”  We ask, do you want to have fun?  We are in the business of being “fun brokers.”  The fun begins with the FlowRider® JR.  Over the years, Wave Loch has had so many inquiries that asked, “Is there a wave I can purchase for under USD$500,000?”  For many years, the answer, unfortunately, was no.  Imagine the disappointment, both the prospective buyer and ours at Wave Loch……. But the answer was rather simple.  Let’s look at what our goals are.

Our goal is to grow the sport of Flowriding.  To do this, we need people learning how to ride.  What better way than on the FlowRider JR.  With its’ compact footprint of 5.5 meters x 12.8 meters (that’s 18 ft x 42 ft for those of you in the imperial measures markets), the FlowRider JR provides maximum power for its’ miniscule economic impact – except to your bottom line!  With a ride surface that is amazingly over 4 meters wide and boasts 28 sq meters of carvable landscape, the FlowRider JR provides a ride surface wide enough to do the most radical turns you can imagine. Don’t forget the kick flips, shuvits, ollie’s and varial’s that will help to improve anyone’s riding ability.

So - do we think that we succeeded?  If success is measure in units of fun, then our price per unit of fun is staggeringly low.  Only you, the buyer, and your all important customers (and future Flowriding constituents) can answer that question, so we will have to leave that critical metric up to you - but yes, we think we did!


Key Concepts

skill vs thrlllSkill Vs. Thrill - Boardsports such as surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and flowboarding are skill-based activities that challenge riders to develop new tricks to emulate their heroes. By comparison, the typical water park or theme park rides are thrill-based rides. No skill is required and no reward or accomplishment is earned. The more you ride a thrill ride the less thrilling it becomes. This is what we call thrill fatigue. Wave Loch’s skilled-based technology is the antidote to thrill fatigue. The adrenaline rush of successful challenges met, inspires riders to achieve a never-ending cycle of skill based reward, thereby increasing rider visitations and loyalty.

The sport of FlowridingThe Sport - Flowriding is not just a ride, it is a sport… a 21st Century alchemy that has the look of surfing, the ride of snowboarding, the tricks of skateboarding, and boards derived from wakeboarding. Since the early ‘90s, the world’s best board riders have cross pollinated into flowboarding. This new alternative board sport is taken seriously from the mountains to the sea. Flowriding will energize your facility with aspiring athletes (and ‘wannabes’) who will pay again and again to enhance their board riding skills. Not only does this repeat business enhance revenue and spread word of mouth, but the better a rider gets, the greater the show for your viewing audience.


LifestyleThe Lifestyle - Wave Loch DNA is a double helix of wave calculus and wave riding passion. We surf. We live and work at the beach. We infuse our products with our passion and stay close to our roots. Our products are icons of the California beach lifestyle. Wave Loch attractions create an emotional connection to the multibillion dollar board sports industry. Our wave technologies attract the valuable youth market, families and boardsport enthusiasts. When orchestrated correctly, the lifestyle identification inherent in Wave Loch technologies can increase venue revenues beyond those generated by the waves, including sales of food and beverage, retail products, sponsorship opportunities and corporate and competitive events.


Safety - Thrilling to do, thrilling to watch, our ride is designed to handle wipeouts. The FlowRider‘s waveform is a proprietary composite membrane ride surface that is designed to absorb the energy of impacts. Flowboarders may wipe out, but they’ll get back up again and again and again.