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FlowRider Safety

Minimizing FlowRider Injuries & FlowRider Accidents

Wave Loch sheet waves are engineered to deliver the maximum amount of thrill, challenge, and safety. With respect to other products in the marketplace – we have no peer.

FlowRider safety is at our core. It is what drives us, so that our valued constituency of riders keep coming back to improve on their skill set. FlowRider injuries are minimized by the use of proprietary padding systems including a tensioned composite membrane ride surface and Pillow Padding™, Wave Loch’s patented soft padded drainage system for high volume water flows. Much like a trampoline, the ride surface is the key to the reduction of FlowRider accidents. It’s propriety nature helps absorb the gnarliest of impacts and makes you come back for more. And Pillow Padding™ is the softest padded drain system on the market that is made expressly for high volume water flows. It’s also non-abrasive, exceptionally durable, UV and chlorine resistant, and colorfast, with a two-year warranty.

Additionally, the FlowRider and FlowBarrel use high pressure pumps to inject as much as 100,000 gallons of water per minute at speeds up to 30 MPH in a 3-4” sheet of water. The water flows up and over our proprietary padding system.. Flowboarders of all types – standup and prone on bodyboards – fall, crash and wipeout in every way imaginable within this water flow and upon our padded ride surface. Wave Loch puts a premium on making sure the experience is a fun one. At Wave Loch our goal is to minimize FlowRider injuries.

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The progressive design of the FlowRider and FlowBarrel are key components in the safety of our products, as well as the carefully written operating guidelines, procedures and training that are inherent in FlowRider. These guidelines, which have evolved since 1991, are continually upgraded in an ongoing attempt to minimize FlowRider accidents. Every FlowRider or FlowBarrel is carefully monitored by safety personnel who have been trained by Wave Loch in the safe operation of the ride. It is this careful attention to FlowRider safety that allows you to ride the attraction with confidence while maintaining an environment that allows helmets on an optional basis.

Wave Loch has set the standard for wave machine safety through its proprietary technology, and it is this dedication to safety that sets us apart from the competition. Other ‘wanna-be’ FlowRider copycats use hard fiberglass molded shells that require participants to wear helmets for fear of head shattering impacts. To further our attention in minimizing FlowRider injuries, Wave Loch is the only wave manufacturer that has employed 3rd party safety experts (e.g., Leisure Technical Consultants (LTC – in Europe, and American Specialty Risk Management in the USA) to sign off on the safety and integrity of our attractions. It is this continual focus on FlowRider safety that separates us from the competition and gives our customers the utmost in confidence and long-term value.

At Wave Loch, we all surf – it’s in our blood and is what drives us to be the best of the best, and to design and create the best products on the globe. We will continue to provide the utmost attention to safety and strive to improve the experience in every way possible.. Catch the FlowRiding groundswell as our beloved sport continues to grow with each new installation.

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