Flying Reef and Moving Reef


FlyingReef ® and Moving Reef

The “next wave” in artificial waves, the FlyingReef® is the closest approximation to a full-power, breaking wave the world has ever seen. Different from sheet waves and surf pools the FlyingReef is a wing moving through water on a track which throws up an endless wall and spinning tube.

The main wave is the equivalent of a hollow, six-foot barreling ocean wave, and it can be shaped to go left, right, or a perfect peak. And while the most experienced surfers ride the main wave, the FlyingReef also puts up a side wave and trailing wave that can be ridden by beginning surfers, or bodyboarders.

The FlyingReef comes in four flavors: Single wave with secondary wave pool.  Single wave.  Double wave with secondary wave pool.  Double wave.  Each wave comes with either Uni-directional (one way pull) or Bi-directional (waves on both pulls).

The FlyingReef has been tested and ridden in a scale-model test tank somewhere in the desert.  Details of theFlying Reef are still under wraps because, as Tom Lochtefeld says it: “We will release no wave before it’s time.”