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Wave Loch SurfPool™

- A Money-Making Wave Machine


Today & Future:  Wave Loch’s SurfPool™ is a significant technological step forward: as distinct from existing surfing pools that deliver one wave per minute, Wave Loch’s SurfPool™ delivers a wave every 8 seconds. These nonstop waves in a 5,000 square meter (50,000-square-foot) footprint, create numerous operational and revenue generating opportunities from full-blown surf exhibitions with stadium seating, to an idyllic wedding party beach setting. The SurfPool™ creates a first break that is the equivalent of a hollow, six-foot barreling ocean wave, which can be shaped to go left, right or form a perfect peak. And while the most experienced surfers ride the first break, the SurfPool™ also makes a second break that can be ridden by intermediate and beginning surfers, or bodyboarders. Additionally, intensity of the waves can be controlled at the turn of the dial - from beginner to expert - allowing simultaneous surfing and general public attendee use.  Each wave generated can have five people using it simultaneously. For the business owner/operator, SurfPool™ revenues can be generated by hourly or pay-per-use, membership, corporate or group events, and through wave shows or competitions.

Wave Loch SurfPool “V”, “X” and “VX” Series 

Like waves in the real ocean, all of Wave Loch’s SurfPools™ are powered by changes in air pressure.  The letters V, X and VX denotes vacuum (V), pressure (X), or vacuum and pressure (VX) as the respective series drive mechanism.  The selection of V, X or VX is a function of the following determinants:  height of caisson above static water line; depth of pool at caisson; number of desired breaks; and, height of wave.  The V Series has the lowest water depth requirement at the caisson, and as such, requires a higher above-water-line caisson profile, and is a two-break system.  The X Series has the advantage of the lowest height profile above static water level, resulting in a deeper water depth requirement at the caisson, and is also a two-break system.  The VX series generates entire crest-length wave heights in excess of 1.5 meters (5 feet), and creates three or more breaks.


Key Concepts

More Waves Than You Can Handle – 1 wave every 10 seconds. 360 waves per hour. 2,880 waves a day. Wave frequency measured in waves-per-minute, instead of everyone else’s “minutes-per-wave”. Proprietary wave-generating system produces multiple surfable waves, and the higher frequency results in greater customer throughput. MAXIMIZING THE RETURN ON INVESTMENT.


Multiple Reefs = All Skills Levels – One wave, multiple breaks. Varying heights break simultaneously allowing an operator to accommodate riders of all skill levels. Operators may also choose to run the smaller break as a swimmers-only, traditional wave pool, like you would see in a water park. Any wave, for all level of surfers, driving repeat business. LEARN, SURF, PROGRESS.


Pipeline to Profit – Same wave, sold multiple times. Multiple surfers riding the same energy. No additional cost = moneymaker! Wave Loch incorporates energy recapture technologies throughout our SurfPool™ designs. A natural gas power option enables cogeneration, i.e., we can simultaneously create waves and heat the pool at no extra operational cost. Heated water permits an extended outdoor colder weather surfing season. SWELL YOUR PROFITS…DUDE.

Real Surfing Waves – Real ocean waves, for real surfing. Drop into steep faces, carve long walls, bust airs. Hoot! Wave Loch’s surf science is the product of over 25 years in the business, 10 years of R&D, a large team of inter-disciplinary specialists, and Wave Loch’s hydrodynamic computer and physical modeling systems, which enable us to validate and customize for each unique customer location.. WAVE LOCH IS FIRST, PROVEN… and BEST.


No Drop Out of Place – Our proprietary wave dampening systems channel wave energy where it counts, eliminating adverse surface chop and rip currents, facilitating perfect wave formation. No backwash, no ripples. No wasted energy = NO WASTED MONEY

Safety First – As a sport, surfing carries an inherent risk of injury, which is why Wave Loch constructs its SurfPools™ to reduce the force of user impact. We offer family friendly padded reefs and walls. Soft and scrape free. SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER 1 CONCERN.

With direct expertise in venue design, real estate development, construction, and the operation of restaurants, retail, corporate events, and concerts, Wave Loch has a rare insight and understanding into the surf park business model as a whole. We understand that stable financial return is not only a function of revenue generated from the attraction, but factors in the attraction’s ability to hold a crowd and create ancillary food, beverage and retail income, as well as hospitality room and real estate value. By harnessing these multi-disciplinary skills, Wave Loch will confidently guide you to ensure the success of your venue. Through its sister company, Wave House, we have a verifiable database of historical financial performance to offer real-world economic feasibility comparables applicable to your site and business model.