Surfing Wave Pool


Until Wave Loch got into the act, most traditional wavepools were less than thrilling: a giant toilet plunger splashing a rapidly dissipating pulse of energy through a large body of water. A wave every minute or so, maybe, as the water in the pool has to calm down between each wave and the plunger mechanism resets.

Wave Loch developed their sheet waves as an alternative to traditional wave pools. But now that Wave Loch has sheet wave technology dialed – so to speak – they have turned their engineering department back to the traditional wave pool.

The Wave Loch SurfPool is a giant step forward: The SurfPool delivers a wave every 20 seconds. It produces its non-stop waves in a small footprint, creating endless opportunities from full blown surf exhibitions with stadium seating, to the creation of an idyllic remote beach setting. Additionally, intensity of the waves can be controlled at the turn of the dial, from Beginner to Expert.