Flying Reef and Moving Reef


Wave Oz ®

There is a constant challenge at Wave Loch.  The challenge is, “what is our next great sheet wave going to look like?” 

The answer is, how far outside of the box can you think?  What is the proverbial consumer – the flowriding enthusiasts – looking for?  How about great new experiences?  What about the WaveOz (pronounced huevos)?  That’s how big we think.  That is what drives us to perform.

WaveOz is an epic FlowRider, potentially in “the round.”  It can start at 120 degrees and can be built in 60 degree increments up to 360 degrees.  A virtual street skate park on a sheet wave base, WaveOz will provide you the opportunity to expand your horizons as a rider.  It will take you to places you have never gone….. and back again.

Using our patented Composite Membrane Ride Surface (CMRS), WaveOz will provide the largest ride surface in the history of sheet waves, and will be the ultimate attraction for use on the FLOW (FlowRiding League Of the World) Tours around the globe.  As the sport of flowriding grows in scope and acceptance, the athletes are demanding different and more versatile waves to ride.  This is what drives us at Wave Loch.  The opportunity to bring fun and joy to the novice rider, and the expert as well, is what motivates us to provide the only sheet waves that should ever deserve the right to be purchased.  As our owner Tom Lochtefeld says, “Go big or go home” so why not go buy a WaveOz?!