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Surf Loch LLC Debuts at IAAPA

surfloch IAAPA 1Wave Loch’s sister company, Surf Loch LLC, makes its debut at the industry’s largest trade show today, IAAPA, at the Orlando Convention Center.  Surf Loch LLC sells our founder Tom Lochtefeld’s SurfPool™ surfing wave pools.  SurfPool™ is available in three product lines, each appealing to different market segments.

Learn-To-Surf Series

The SurfLoch Learn-To-Surf Series SurfPool™ is an entry-level surfing attraction where guests surf on a real wave and hone their skills in a safe and controlled environment in a footprint of less than 500 sq. m. (5,400 sq. ft.).  It is the smallest footprint and lowest-priced option, targeted primarily towards those new to surfing.  Learn-To-Surf is especially appealing to the water park market, where space is a premium. CLICK HERE for details, or see a brochure HERE.

Step-Up Series

The SurfLoch Step-Up Series SurfPool™ enables guests to learn, practice and improve skills just like they were surfing in the ocean. Unlike a stationary wave, the Step-Up Series is an all-level surfing attraction which allows guests to surf left or right on an angled, progressing wave that moves laterally toward the beach, in a safe and controlled environment.  The Step-Up SurfPool™ offers multi-use functionality creating family-friendly waves for bathers or surfing waves for surfers. Operators can also choose to add additional wave-making equipment at a later date in order to increase wave frequency/throughput and wave size.

The Step-Up Series is suitable for beginner to intermediate levels, offers a variety of footprint options, can be set to offer left- or right-breaks, and is appealing to a variety of markets including water parks. CLICK HERE for details, or see a brochure HERE.

surfloch IAAPA 2Pro Series

The SurfLoch Pro Series SurfPool™ simultaneously accommodates all skill levels from beginner to advanced, while providing an incredible spectator attraction to drive ancillary revenue. The Pro Series has specially designed reef and wave generating equipment to replicate ocean waves in a consistent, fun and safe manner. Surf Loch’s combination of cutting edge wave science and operational experience produces the world’s best surfing wave pools.  Multiple reefs, patented wave dampening, precise equipment calibration and advanced software results in increased capacity throughput, increased efficiency, and variably-shaped, quality waves suited for all skill levels. CLICK HERE for details, or see a brochure HERE.

For further information, you can visit Surf Loch’s website at 

SurfLoch Step-Up Series SurfPool

SurfLoch Step-Up Series SurfPool


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