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Rendering, RiF010  (opening Summer 2016) Rotterdam, Netherlands


With 25 years of experience, Wave Loch is the world leader in artificial surf technologies. We now introduce the next generation of surfing pools, brought to you by our sister company, Surf Loch LLC.


Forget the troubled, inefficient wave machines of the past. SurfLoch SurfPool’s™ innovative design offers: consistent, quality waves with unprecedented frequency in the smallest physical footprint, and with the greatest energy efficiency. While the few surfing wave pools in existence have struggled to make ends meet, well over 10 years led to the development and refinement of the proprietary SurfLoch SurfPool™ technology, making what was once infeasible, now financially viable and ready to deploy.



  • Proprietary wave-generating system produces multiple surfable waves in seconds rather than minutes.
  • Higher frequency results in greater customer throughput, maximizing the return on large pool capital investments.
  • Understanding the science of waves allows Surf Loch’s hydrodynamic computer and physical modeling systems to validate and enable customization to each unique customer location.
  • Contrary to traditional waterpark wave pools, which utilize random chop and reflecting waves, a surfing pool prefers a glassy smooth surface
  • Surf Loch’s proprietary dampening systems eliminates adverse surface chop and rip currents while facilitating perfect wave formation.
  • Multiple reef system allows multiple waves of varying heights to break simultaneously. This allows an operator to accommodate riders of all skill levels simultaneously. In addition, an operator can choose to operate the smaller break as a swimmers-only traditional wave pool, like you would see in a water park.
  • As an operator, both Wave Loch and Surf Loch understand that stable financial return is not only a function of revenue generated from the attraction, but factors in the attraction’s ability to hold a crowd and create ancillary food, beverage, and retail income as well as hospitality room and real estate value.
  • Through its sister company Wave House and Wave Loch, Surf Loch has a proven track record in operating wave attractions and has a verifiable database of historical financial performance to offer real-world economic feasibility comparables applicable to your site.
  • Incorporate energy recapture technologies throughout Surf Loch’s pool designs.
  • 3 for 1: the unique reef design creates up to three wave breaks of progressively increasing duration for the same amount of energy.
  • Using natural gas-powered co-generation simultaneously creates waves and heats the pool.


Click full-size icon (top right) to view enlargement of SurfPool™ InfographicSURFLOCH SURFPOOL™ Learn-To-Surf Series

Surf Culture for all. The SurfLoch Learn-To-Surf Series SurfPool™ is an entry-level surfing attraction where guests surf on a real wave and hone their skills in a safe and controlled environment in a footprint of less than 500 sq. m. (5,000 sq. ft.).  It is the smallest footprint and lowest-priced option, targeted primarily towards those new to surfing.  Learn-To-Surf is especially appealing to the water park market, where space is a premium.


The SurfLoch Step-Up Series SurfPool™ enables guests to learn, practice and improve skills just like they were surfing in the ocean. Unlike a stationary wave, the Step-Up Series is an all-level surfing attraction which allows guests to surf left or right on an angled, progressing wave that moves laterally toward the beach, in a safe and controlled environment.  The Step-Up SurfPool™ offers multi-use functionality creating family-friendly waves for bathers or surfing waves for surfers. Operators can also choose to add additional wave-making equipment at a later date in order to increase wave frequency/throughput and wave size.

The Step-Up Series is suitable for beginner to intermediate levels, offers a variety of footprint options, can be set to offer left- or right-breaks, and is appealing to a variety of markets including water parks.


The SurfLoch Pro Series SurfPool™ simultaneously accommodates all skill levels from beginner to advanced, while providing an incredible spectator attraction to drive ancillary revenue. The Pro Series has specially designed reef and wave generating equipment to replicate ocean waves in a consistent, fun and safe manner. Surf Loch’s combination of cutting edge wave science and operational experience produces the world’s best surfing wave pools.  Multiple reefs, patented wave dampening, precise equipment calibration and advanced software results in increased capacity throughput, increased efficiency, and variably-shaped, quality waves suited for all skill levels.


These requirements are general guidelines in response to Frequently Asked Questions, and are provided to give potential SurfLoch SurfPool™ customers a general idea of what is required for the purchase and operation of a SurfLoch SurfPool™.  Requirements will vary depending on the specific design specifications of the SurfPool™ selected by the customer, and site location.

  • Area – Size of a SurfLoch SurfPool™ is primarily a function of wave height, ride duration, and number of breaks – the bigger the wave, the longer the ride duration and the more follow-on wave breaks, then, the bigger size pool.
    • Example 1: a 4’ (1.2 meter) high wave with a 10 second duration, the required pool size is:
      • Water Surface: 30,000 sq.ft. = 2,787 sq.mts. = 2/3 acre. Total Area – 35,000 sq.ft. = 3,251 sq. meters = .8 acre including dry space for mechanical/ storage/ control and sanitation. Due to local site demand, additional area may be required for restrooms and changing area, lockers, food and beverage, retail, event space, etc.
    • Example 2: a 6.5’ (2 meter) high wave with a 10 second duration, and a second break at 3’ (1 meter) high, the required pool size is:
      • Water Surface: 78,300 sq.ft. =7,274 sq.mts. = 1.8 acre.

Total Area – 98,000 sq.ft. = 9,104 sq. mts. = 2.5 acres: which includes dry space for mechanical/ storage / control and sanitation.  Due to local site demand, additional area may be required for restrooms and changing area, lockers, food and beverage, retail, event space, etc.

  • Water – Water character can be either salt or fresh.  Water volume is a function of wave height, ride duration and number of breaks – the bigger the wave, the longer the ride duration, and the more follow-on wave breaks, then, the bigger size pool.
    • In Example 1 above, the pool water volume is: USGallons 1.5 million = 5,700 cu.mts.
    • In Example 2 above, the pool water volume is: USG 4.1 million = 15,500 cu. mts.
  • Power – SurfLoch SurfPools™ can operate on electrical power or natural gas.  Power required is a function of wave height and ride duration – the bigger the wave, the longer the ride duration, then, the bigger size pool.
    • In Example 1 above, the power required is:
    • In Example 2 above, the power required is:
      • Electrical: Nameplate of 3.6 megawatts.  Power consumed is a function of wave operations.
      • Natural Gas: 320 Therms per hour max rate.  Power consumed is a function of wave operations.
  • Property – The underlying real estate needs to be properly “entitled” as defined by the customer’s city/local, state/provincial, regional or country regulatory or government bodies. These entitlements may include such things as planning consents, land covenants, community development rights, permits, proper zoning, etc.
  • Financing – A SurfLoch SurfPool™ can cost US$4 million or more, not including the underlying real estate. Developers should already have financing mechanisms in place: private equity, loans, government support, etc.

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