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Surfing Demographics

Surfing isn’t just fun, it isn’t just a lifestyle… it’s serious business.

Countless busy individuals long for ways to add more waves to their day-to-day lives. Similarly, there are those for whom geographic realities challenge the ability to enjoy surfing. For these people and for those forward-thinking entrepreneurs who understand the benefits available in providing great surfing waves, there is Wave Loch.

We present the following facts to aid you in considering the exciting possibilities involved in using Wave Loch’s innovative products to create surfing opportunities for fun and profitability.

Average Surfer

w-l_world-logo_icon_50x50px90% Male

w-l_world-logo_icon_50x50px34 years old

w-l_world-logo_icon_50x50pxHighly educated

w-l_world-logo_icon_50x50px75,000 annual income

w-l_world-logo_icon_50x50pxOwns 4 surfboards

Time & Money

  • 20 miles to surf 2.5 hours on 108 separate occasions a year
  • Pays $50-$100 for each session (food, gas, rental, lodging, merchandise)
  • your list item

Surf Travel

  • 91% have taken a surf trip in 5 years…of those:
    • 82% more than 2 trips
    • 40% more than 10 trips
    • 20% more than 21 trips

Cost Per Wave


  • Travel cost per session: $25-100
  • Surfed waves assumed 20 per session (1 wave every 7.5 minutes during 2.5 hours)

Price per wave:
$1.15 – $5.00


  • 10 day vacation surf resort: $120-$600 per day
  • Average travel cost: $1500 plane ticket
  • 1-2 days high quality waves, 7 days of good surf, 1-2 days minimal surf
  • catches 15 waves per session (1 wave every 10 minutes over 2.5 hours) x 2 sessions a day, total 30 waves per day

Price per wave
$9.00 – $25.00

Big Numbers

  • 3.3 million surfers in USA

  • 35 million surfers world-wide

  • +12-15% growing each year

  • $2.5 Billion injected by surfers in US coastal economy

  • 162 countries have surf tourism

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