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Surf Loch Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions we regularly hear about the Surf Loch WaveSystems™. If you have a question not listed, CONTACT US and we’ll be happy to answer it.

How does the SurfLoch WaveSystem™ work?

Wave Loch’s affiliate, Surf Loch LLC, is the only surf pool manufacturer that can simultaneously create expert, intermediate, and beginner waves at the same time. With a single burst of wave energy, we create two wave sections that break along the wave pool. The primary break, which is the larger and more advanced wave, breaks first (either left, right or as an A-frame) and as it travels through the wave pool it reforms into a smaller beginner-to-intermediate wave that breaks closer to shore.

The Surf Loch uses a pneumatic air plunging system to create the wave energy and the wave is created by a specially-designed pool floor that allows the primary and secondary waves to be formed, and to dissipate the excess wave energy. This is the key to creating a highly efficient and profitable surf pool, where waves roll cleanly through the pool without producing backwash.

Are your surf pools only intended for surf parks?

No.  SurfLoch WaveSystems™ come in three different basic designs to match your business model and customer base.  You’ll find something for waterparks, hotels, resorts, shopping malls, municipal developments, as well as dedicated surf parks, and more!  Each one is custom designed based on a variety of specifications.  Take a look at the Learn-to-Surf Series, Step-Up Series, and Pro Series, and see which fits your business model best.  See brochures for the different models HERE.

You can also choose the type of aquatic system you want: SurfLoch SurfPool™, SurfLoch SurfLake™, and SurfLoch SurfLagoon™.  For more details please click HERE.

Who is Surf Loch?

Surf Loch, LLC, is an affiliated company also founded by our founder and CEO Thomas J. Lochtefeld. Wave Loch designs and sells sheet wave and other technology and the Wave House venues, while Surf Loch designs and sells surfing wave pool technology.  Both companies are headed by Tom Lochtefeld.

Why choose SurfLoch WaveSystems™ versus any other competitor?

Simply put, we can produce more waves per minute than anyone else. Driving more revenue than any other solution. Plus, we do it with less energy cost, so SurfLoch WaveSystems™ are more cost effective. We have the ability to produce one wave every eight seconds whereas our closest competitors can only produce one wave per minute.

Wave Loch understands your business model like no one else. We have over 25 years of experience of building artificial surf technologies. We invented the popular FlowRider® and FlowBarrel® sheet-wave attraction, now in over 35 countries with over 200 installations.

We also have direct expertise in venue design, real estate development and operations. We are uniquely experienced in the direct operation of parks, attractions and multi-component themed-venues. We will guide you to the best possible profitability and efficiency for your venue.

How big are the waves?

Depending on which model you choose, the primary wave can be from 1 to 2 meters. The secondary waves are roughly half the height of the primary wave.

Can we adjust the wave height?

Yes. The SurfLoch WaveSystem™ is optimized to run most efficiently at its designated wave height but it can be adjusted.

The advantage of a SurfLoch WaveSystem™ is that it generates multiple waves of varying heights and shapes with a single burst of energy. Different waves can be designed to break at different heights throughout the pool.

How much does a SurfLoch WaveSystem™ cost?

Building an artificial wave pool is not something you just put in your backyard (unless your back yard happens to be a huge ranch). The process of creating a new surf pool comes with a lot of variables and challenges such as regulatory complexities, infrastructure improvements, long timelines, multiple partners and a lot of perseverance and commitment. As much as we love building waves, we prefer to work with robust clients that have experience in real estate development. But to be more precise… it’ll cost more than your Ferrari but less than your private jet. Call us to get more info.

How many waves per minute can a SurfLoch WaveSystem™ produce?

Our system can produce a maximum of eight waves per minute or 480 waves per hour. This is more than eight times the amount of waves than any other system on the market.

How many people can ride at a time?

Depending on the model, up to five surfers at a time. Our SurfLoch WaveSystems™ are always custom-built so depending on your venue’s needs we can increase the capacity to whatever you’d like.

What type of waves can you make?

We have the ability, depending on the model, to create perfect A-frames, left or right point breaks, beach breaks or any surf break you can imagine.

Do you use regular pool water or salt water?

Various water types can be used: pool water, fresh water, or salt water, as long as it meets your local regulatory standards.

What are the space requirements for a SurfLoch WaveSystems™?

The smallest model is about 500 square meters. There is no limit on maximum size, we love to go big!

Can we heat the water in your pools?

Yes we could, but it would be like warming up a lake, so it would not be very cost effective. Surfing has been blessed with wetsuits and wearing a wetsuit is normal for the majority of the surfing community.

Can you build a wave pool indoors?

Yes, we can. No problem.

Is it easier to learn to surf in a surf pool than it is in the ocean?

Yes, it is actually. In normal surfing conditions are ever changing, resulting in unpredictable schedules and complex wave variations. That’s why surfers need so much time in the ocean to master even the most basic skills. In a pool however, all these variables are eliminated, so you can focus entirely on your technique and improve quickly because you can repeat the moves over and over again. Just like training in a tennis court: the canvas is there, you just put in your time and focus.

Do you have to know how to surf before entering the pool?

No you don’t. Beginners can learn at the smaller breaks on the secondary break, advanced surfers will be attracted to the primary break with bigger, more challenging waves.

Is the SurfLoch WaveSystem™ safe?

Safer than skate parks, mountain bike parks, or snowboarding parks. Lifeguards are within easy reach, too. Surf Loch designs pools with safety in mind, however, surfing is a participatory action sport that carries an inherent risk of injury.

Can I get insurance for this type of recreational venue?

Yes you can. We’ve been doing it for over 40 years with our various water attractions. We know the industry very well and have great success at getting reasonable premiums for insurance on our products. We can work with you in developing a risk management program catered to your project.

How can I make money on a SurfLoch WaveSystems™?

We create wave pools that maximize profits. It’s in our core philosophy with everything that we design. We have several suggested business models and we would be happy to advise whether a SurfLoch WaveSystems™ will be viable for your market.

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