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Why Buy A SurfPool™?

SurfPoolTMwave-attractions-surf-poolWave Loch originally designed and built sheet waves to replace the wave pool – a “toilet plunger” technology that pulsed rapidly-diminishing bands of wave energy through pools measured in acre feet, creating artificial waves that were fun for tourists and matt-riders, but not terribly interesting to surfers. Going back as far as the 1920s, engineers and innovators around the world from Wembley, England to Tempe, Arizona to Miyazaki, Japan have invested hundeds of millions of dollars to create an artificial wave that would replicate the thrills and the challenge of the ocean, but they were always found lacking.

Sheet waves brought more power and challenge to a lot less space and rapidly surpassed traditional wave pool technology as the 20th Century turned to the 21st. But now that Wave Loch has sheet waves dialed – so to speak – and there are hundreds of FlowRiders® around the world and a growing number of Flow Barrels®, Wave Loch has turned its attentions and engineering department back to that original concept of creating waves in  pools, and the improvements are evolutionary.

The traditional problems with wave pools have to do with how quickly the energy diminishes in a pool, how big the pool has to be and also the “consistency” of waves – how many waves and rides can be generated in an hour and a day, because the surface of the pool needs time to calm down and reset before the next wave can be generated.

The Surf Pool has solved these problems, and Wave Loch is ready to unveil a new kind of wave pool that immediately absorbs wave energy and allows many waves per minute, and not minutes per wave.

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