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Artificial Ocean Waves Next Big Thing

American Airlines starts off 2017!

In the inaugural 2017 issue of their in-flight magazine, American Way, you’ll find a great cover story about late-night host/funny-man Jimmy Fallon to start your new year off on the right foot.

Turning to page 26 and looking into the future, American Way predicts that “Man-made waves are the next big thing” and highlights our CEO, Tom Lochtefeld, as leading the race with SurfLoch WaveSystems™.

Wait, what?? Why are surf pools the “next big thing”?

Tokyo 2020 Olympics are now just THREE YEARS AWAY!!! This will be the first time ever for surfing to be in the Olympics.  This is HUGE.

At this point, the actual competition will be held in the ocean. BUT the need for a controlled environment for training purposes makes the need for artificial ocean waves (surf pools) just that much stronger.

Down the road, it’s widely predicted that Olympic surfing will be held in stadium venues. Surf pools will be widely needed around the globe for training grounds, as well as venues for the actual Olympic competition.

Can you imagine all the hype, planning, logistics, crowds, and COST of an Olympic event to be held in the ocean, only to have it be a blown-out day? Hence, the advantage of a controlled environment with man-made surfing wave pools.

For Olympic training, it better be good!

Surf Park Central (hosts of Surf Park Summit) makes a highly cogent and convincing argument for why future Olympic surfing events must be held in stadium venues (see article).  As SPC points out, the IOC’s Olympic Agenda 2020 specifically states: “Sustainability and Legacy (are) to be further positioned as an executive priority”. This makes it critical for Olympic hosts to have “… a relatively low cost investment for use during the Games that can also be monetized after the Games…”.

Not just good but GREAT!

Fortunately, Wave Loch’s sister company, Surf Loch, has not only the best waves for this scenario, but also has the:

  • Most reliable technology – Pneumatics, which have a successful 40 year history in artificial wave systems;
  • Most successful wavemaker – Tom Lochtefeld (bio HERE);
  • Best business model – founded on Lochtefeld’s 30+ year history in developing real estate, waterparks and themed venues. Including three Raging Waters Waterparks, several Wave House venues, commercial retail development and management, and over 200 FlowRider/FlowBarrel installations in over 30 countries.

To learn more, visit Surf Loch’s website, or see their latest brochure HERE.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

2017 is gonna be BANGIN’!!

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