Wave House powered by Wave Loch

Just as the FlowRider® and FlowBarrel® sheet waves are closed systems bringing ocean thrills to anywhere in the world, the Wave House concept is a complete package, transporting the California beach and surf lifestyle to anywhere in the world; a retail, live music, entertainment, and food and beverage package with the Wave Loch SurfPool or FlowBarrel sheet wave at the center.

There are Wave Houses up and running in California, Singapore, Spain, Chile and South Africa, with more under construction in China, and additional locations under development all over the world.

Now everybody can get a taste of the ocean, across the USA and around the world, as Wave House places the “future of nature” waves at the center of a complex that transports guests to a tropical island, with good music, good vibes, good waves, good things to eat and drink and good times.

When you can’t reach the beach, Wave House is waiting. CLICK HERE to find out more.