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Wave House® powered by Wave Loch

Invented by a surfer, inspired by surf history and showcasing the future of simulated wave technology, Wave House® is your venue for the perfect beach party. Wave House epitomizes the surfing lifestyle: sand, music, sunshine, sunsets, barbecue and spirits, overlooking a magnificent man-made beach environment. At the core of Wave House is an artificial wave where first timers to pros can test their skill on the ride. It is much more than a place to surf; Wave House is a lifestyle entertainment experience combining waves with a bar and grill.

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Wave House Features & Benefits

IFC-Wes-(1)_1920Active Sport

Similar to a live stage performance, our wave theatre is authentic, the sport real and the consequence of mistakes immediate. The key feature to our show is the SurfLoch WaveSystem™ (or previously the WaveLoch FlowBarrel® sheet wave attraction) exclusive to Wave House. The wave is a spectacle; just add riders and you have a sporting event for viewers and riders alike. The SurfLoch SurfSystem™ surf pool attractions are deep water surf pools with waves just like you find in the ocean, ridden using real surfboards.

wave-house-dj-crowd_1920Live Music

Local, regional and national artists from all genres perform live on stage at Wave House venues across the world. From rock to reggae, our expert talent buyers and music production teams consistently create unforgettable entertainment experiences.

wave-house_foodFood & Beverage

With multiple on site restaurants, Wave House offers a variety of menu selections and catering options. Wave House restaurants are committed to creating superior quality cuisine by blending local flavors with adaptations of California beach fare. Restaurant and bar facilities offer excellence in product, presentation and staff.

wave-house_special-eventCorporate & Group Events

For groups of 25 to 2,500. Wave House is an ideal location for private groups and corporate bookings. From start to finish, our professional chefs, sales and catering teams provide unparalleled versatility to meet all of your group requirements


Offering exclusive Wave House branded apparel, merchandise, boards and a full selection of board sport specialty ware.

wave-house_resortHotel Resort

The beach is the #1 tourist destination in the world and a Wave House Resort creates its own beach with perfect surf every day. Our unique hotel brand appeals to families and hard-core sports enthusiasts – guaranteeing year-round appeal and a high repeat business

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Wave House Development Requirements

These Wave House® requirements are guidelines in response to Frequently Asked Questions, and are provided to give potential Wave House® customers a general idea of what is required for the purchase and operation of a Wave House®. Requirements will vary depending on the customer’s venue design specifications, site location and other parameters as outlined below.

  • Area – Square footage of a Wave House® venue is generally 10,000 square feet or more, not including the selected centerpiece surfing attractions (SurfLoch WaveSystem™).
  • Water – Depending on the type of surfing attraction selected, required water volumes can vary between 120,000 gallons (US) for a FlowBarrel®, or 1.5M to 4.1M gallons for a SurfLoch WaveSystem™.
  • Power – To operate a Wave House® venue, the property should have power utilities of at least 1 megawatts.
  • Property – The underlying real estate for a Wave House® needs to be properly “entitled” as defined by the customer’s city/local, state/provincial, regional or country regulatory or government bodies. These entitlements may include such things as planning consents, land covenants, community development rights, permits, and proper zoning.
  • Financing – The price of a Wave House® will vary depending on the type of equipment, license and/or operations package selected. Basically it costs more than a Ferrari, but less than a private jet. Developers should already have financing mechanisms in place for a multi-million dollar purchase: private equity, loans, and government support.

Turn-key Investment Opportunities

A complete entertainment package waiting for you to make it happen! We’re able to team with individual investors, partnerships, consortiums and communities throughout the world in creating complete entertainment complexes. We can provide all the design, planning, implementation and support aspects of putting together a profitable ongoing and FUN cash-flow-producing facility.


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