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1st Prime Event for the Carbon FLOW Tour Kicked Off at Massanutten, VA

Massanutten June 2nd 2012

There were tornado and flash flood warnings, something you would expect this time of year in the state of Virginia. Heavy rainfalls with thunder and lightning were predicted which in most cases are the worst enemies for a flowboarding event, but not at Massanutten Indoor Water Park.

Saturday, June 02, 2012, the Carbon USA FLOW (Flowboarding League Of the World) Tour kicked off on the east coast.  Riders from all over the country were eager to get their feet wet and begin the highly competitive FLOW Tour season.  Before the event kicked off, FLOW (Flowboarding League Of the World) presented the first ever judging seminar. With great attendance and many eager competitors the night proved to be a true success and a huge step in growing the sport.  With new rules and formats, the competitors were enthusiastic to get started and see who has been practicing in the off-season.

With 10 divisions competing, the 7 hour event showcased some of the nation’s best flowboarders.  Both the Junior Bodyboard and Junior Flowboard divisions stepped up a level and showed the more experienced riders that they have learned a thing or two.  Brian Betsa took out a strong field in the Bodyboard final with Floridian phenom Nick Sanchez starting off the season with a victory in the Flowboard division.

The Open Men’s division was highly anticipated having many skilled riders. In the end, Theo Kolby rose to the occasion and took first place with Hasim Paputchi taking the Open Bodyboarders.  It was mid-afternoon when the pro riders took to the ride and set the benchmark for the rest of the season. The only word to describe the Bodyboard division is “insane”, as the riders were performing combo move one after another with seamless transitions. “You couldn’t loose focus for a second, otherwise you would miss 4 or 5 tricks” said FLOW judge Greg Lazarus.  After a huge battle it was Nick Nguyen once again proving he was the best by taking the first place spot.  The Bodyboard final was a great warm up for the Pro Flowboarders.  Nick Nguyen, making both pro finals, took home 3rd place with Greg Lazarus rising to the occasion taking second, and last years national champion, Sean Silveira taking home the gold.

The kick off event was spectacular and we couldn’t thank the Massanutten lifeguards and staff enough for welcoming us into their water park. Their partnership in this event made it a great start to the season and will set the standard for the rest of the tour.

Thanks again to all our Carbon FLOW Tour sponsors. Carbon, VGT, Wave Loch, Overload, Deuce Brand, Superduper Surf, Surf resource Network, Reeflex

See the full results and pictures below!!!!!


For more pictures visit the Flow Tour Facebook page HERE.

1 Caitlin Clifford
2 Kara Clifford
3 Ellie Sowers
 4 Kim Koyle
1 Caitlin Clifford
2 Kim Koyle
3 Jada Castrataro
4 Jen Wu
1 Brian Betsa
2 Jared Grigg
3 Bubby Koby
4 Thomas Sowers
1 Nick Sanchez
2 Bubby Kolby
3 Andrew Shelton
4 Brian Betsa
1 Tracy Carroll
2 Steve Wilson
3 Sharon Sowers
1 Rob Chalfant
2 Brian Sowers
3 Sharon Sowers
4 Tracy Carroll
1 Hasim Paputchi
2 Jesse Berube
3 Austin Kraus
4 Aaron Furman
1 Theo Kolby
2 Aaron Dean
3 Justin Collins
4 Jon Burrow
1 Nick Nguyen
2 Andrew O’Connor
3 Nick Sanchez
4 Andrew Shelton
1 Sean Silveira
2 Greg Lazarus
3 Nick Nguyen
4 Theo Koby


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