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An Interview with Terry Goh, General Manager of Wave House Sentosa

Recently, Spirit of Enterprise sat down with Terry Goh, General Manager of Wave House Sentosa…

Below is an excerpt from his interview withAngwidjaja Wimpy Witansa

Specializing in Food and Beverage, Mr. Terry Goh has realized his dream to create a heavenly place; it’s called Wave House Sentosa. He has opened as many as 13 pubs and bars before he opening Wave House Sentosa. His distinct idea came from the combination of F&B expertise and his passion for Wakeboarding.

1. What is the nature of your business? Our nature of business would be a refined beach lifestyle. To simplify it, we are wave attraction, food & beverage outlets.

2. When and why did you decide to become an entrepreneur? Actually why I become an entrepreneur is because I analyze a lot and do different think in life. I have so many questions like how things work, how should they run and there is always a lot of “why”. So it is like everything you see you do; you always ask yourself a lot of question, how should you run it. It’s always a curiosity that gets me into business especially entertainment. I think Singapore is transforming to be one of the special destinations. I would say we should understand where a country is moving. If you look at the number of tourist and the angle of what the government are doing; we are moving towards tourism. That’s the main reason why I think F&B is the best business to be in, you have the government or country bringing the people or volume in, so you can synchronize in that way.

3. What are your reasons for choosing to do business in this particular industry? After seeing the current Singapore profile, we are going towards tourism. And that is the main reason why I think F&B is the best business to be in. Also, F&B is the business for all occasion; when people are happy, they go party and drink, when people are sad, they come and drink to release the stress. So whether the market is up or down, people always drink. So in a way it fit with all the occasion. It doesn’t require a lot of skill; what you need is to improvised, just deliver what the consumer want.

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