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FLOW Tour Stops by Massanutten, VA June 18th, 2011

Massanutten, VA June 18th, 2011: The fourth stop on the 2011 Wave Loch FLOW Tour took place at Massanutten Water Park in Virginia on June 18th.   With 60 competitors, and over 1000 in attendance, the competition went off without a hitch.

In the Expert Division, Sean Silveira has assumed his rightful position as the top rider on the FLOW Tour with another commanding victory.  Sean landed and stomped his way through the competition by landing an explosion of maneuvers; ollies, kick flips, tre flips, shuvits and a variety of airs in both regular and switch stance.  It left competitors and spectators shaking their heads in disbelief of what they had witnessed, and left no doubt to who the best competitor in the world is on the FlowRider ® sheet wave attraction.

The expert Body Board final was an incredible display and very difficult to judge, as the riding gap has tightened significantly from past years.  But…. it was defending FLOW Tour champ Nick Nguyen making it four straight victories with his extremely entertaining performance.  He continues to add creative new maneuvers to his expanding repertoire and his technical maneuvers are barely keeping him ahead of the pack.   New schooler’s Andrew Shelton and Morgan Seabert, the only female competing in this division, have both maneuvered into Expert finals in their Pro rookie season and letting the presence be known.

“The Massanutten venue and annual Wave Loch FLOW Tour competition is amazing. Everyone wants to come here every year because we are always treated so well and they host an awesome first class comp ” claimed Cathy Seabert Female Bodyboard Winner.

We would like to thank the people at Massanutten for their continued support of the Wave Loch FLOW Tour, as well as Freestyle, Oakley, Hurley, Sanuk, WCB, Deuce Brand, and Versa Traction for their ongoing support and efforts.

See you at Moses Lake, WA June 25th!!!

1 Cathy Seabert
2 Caitlin Clifford
3 Monica Vasquez
4 Elizabeth Sowers
1 Vanessa Arroyo
2 Amanda McCormick
3 Caitlin Clifford
4 Jada Castataro
1 Cameron Lodge
2 Damien Palmer
3 Timothy Everitt
4 Michael Mabeza
1 Nicholas Sanchez
2 Andrew Shelton
3 Brian Betsa
4 Christopher Murphy
1 Tracy Carroll
2 Sharron Sowers
3 Steve Wilson
4 Ely Mabeza
1 Steve Salmon
2 Dennis Kaiser
3 Sharon Sowers
4 Ely Mabeza
1 Shawn Harris
2 Brenden Fenske
3 Enrique Barreto
4 Tyler Fenske
1 Manny Rayo
2 Justin Collins
3 Patrick Boyce
4 Tyler Fenske
1 Sean Silveira
2 Brad Spencer
3 Jacob Berger
4 Andy Haase
1 Nick Nguyen
2 Andrew Shelton
3 Morgan Seabert
4 Curtis Lam
1 Sean Silveira
2 Brad Spencer
3 Brenden Fenske
4 Nick Nguyen

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