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FLOW Tour Stops by Waterville, AL May 21st, 2011

Saturday, May 21st, The Wave Loch FLOW Tour made its annual pilgrimage to the Gulf Shores of Alabama, where Joe Warrington opened up his Waterville water park to the top flowridering athletes  in the nation.  Competing on the FlowRider ® Double, there were a whopping 75 riders, with over 300 people in attendance to witness the latest in flowriding technique, and what a technique  clinic they put on.

In the Female flowriding final,  – The ladies continue to amaze and push each other even further, every event expanding their routines to include technical combinations that have bridged the gap formally established.  Former Tour Champ Jessica Nichols earned her first victory of the season by landing multiple combos that included foot plant – to switch big spins.  After her hard fought victory, Jessica exclaimed “This was the hardest girls final I have ever been in and I was way stoked to ride clean and nail my runs!”

Nick Nguyen continued his utter domination of the Expert Bodyboard competition with his third Victory in a row to start the young season.  Even though the competition continue to improve, Nick is a step above.  “This was the deepest field of riders and hardest competition I have ever competed against in both Bodyboarding and Flowriding” Nick admits.  Morgan Seabert impressed many and represented the Ladies well as the lone Female in the Expert Bodyboard Division, advancing through the quarters and semi’s, and earning her first Expert Final with some impressive riding and clean Drop Knee Rollo’s.

Wrapping up the event was the Expert Flowriding Final, and we saw the full form return to action of Sean Silveira.   Sean, the Wave Loch FLOW Tour champion  the last two seasons, performed strongly in a final that featured an insane display of Kick Flip maneuvers thrown down by all competitors.  Sean earned his first victory of the season with an impressive performance and unanimous judge’s decision.  “I claimed it after my first run when I nailed a Switch Kick flip” Sean admitted. “I used to be able to win a contest by landing a Kick Flip  … At the US Flow Tour stop at  Waterville, landing that standard trick did not even get you in the Final.”

Even Eric Silverman came away impressed.  Having just recently won the CBS ALT Games on the Bruticus Maximus FlowBarrel® at Wave House San Diego, and acclaimed the top FlowBarrel rider in the sport, Eric has missed the final four on the Wave Loch FLOW Tour the last two event competitions.  “The level of riding was radical, I better get my act together.  The contest was insane though, that was the most people I have ever seen at a FlowRider competition… period!”

As always, we couldn’t do this without our FLOW Tour sponsors, WCB, VersaGrip and Victory.  Event sponsors included Blonde John’s, Inner Light Surf Shop, and Hawaiian Tropic.  Let’s not forget our good friends at Waterville, where Joe Warrington and Staff always put on a great show.  THANX GUYS!!!!!  See you all at stop #4 on June 18 at Massanutten, VA.

1 Alyssa Mize
2 Caitlin Clifford
3 Cathy Seabert
4 Halley Chapa
1 Cameron Lodge
2 Nathan Boykin
3 Coby Farrais
4 Ian Olson
1 Sean Beckwith
2 Tyler Kincey
3 Jon Burrow
4 Austin Kraus
1 Alyssa Mize
2 Caitlin Clifford
3 Brittany Dobbins
4 Morgan Seabert
1 Cathy Seabert
2 Tracy Carroll
3 Kevin Wisler
4 Cathy Fidrig
1 Theo Koby
2 Kaleb Cook
3 Adam Muller
4 Justin Collins
1 Dave Barnhardt
2 Mike Pappalardo
3 Michael Caffey
4 Tracy Carroll
1 Nick Nguyen
2 Andrew O’Conner
3 Andrew Shelton
4 Christian Cook
1 Joe Chapa
2 Trooper Digiaccato
3 Austin Bramlett
4 Monica Caffney



1 Cathy Seabert
2 Catlin Clifford
3 Vanessa Arroyo
4 Brittany Dobbins
1 Robert Clark
2 Hassim Paputchi
3 Michael Mabeza
4 Bubbie Koby
1 Aaron Lam
2 Luigi Vargas
3 Steven Maysonet
4 Adam Austin
1 Vanessa Arroyo
2 Amanda McCormick
3 Jada Castrataro
4 Morgan Seabert
1 Theo Koby
2 Brian Betsa
3 Joey Jingli
4 Christopher Murphy
1 Many Rayo
2 Robert Puls
3 Justin Collins
4 Dan Brown
1 Steve Salmon
2 Ely Mabeza
3 Mike McCormick
4 Cathy Seabert
1 Nick Nguyen
2 Andrew Shelton
3 Sean Silveira
4 Morgan Seabert
1 Brad Spencer
2 Owen Golden
3 Brian Betsa
4 William Griffin
1 Sean Silveira
2 Nick Nguyen
3 Brad Spencer
4 JP O’Brien


1 Sean Silveira
2 Theo Koby
3 Nick Nguyen
4 Chuck Wright


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