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International FLOW Championships, 2009

If you’re a part of the global flowriding community you’ve undoubtedly heard about the International FLOW Champs by now. Taking place at the opening of Wave House Sentosa in Singapore in October 2009, this is the biggest flowriding event since the World Tour.


So what exactly is going on?

The IFC will be the first time riders are competing as representatives of venues as well as individuals. Each Wave House is holding qualifying competitions to select three standup riders (at least one of which must be a girl) and a bodyboarder to represent their venue.

Each rider will earn points towards a grand total. The team with the most points takes home the top spot and bragging rights until the next IFC. As more Wave Houses open around the globe the IFC will include teams from the new locations, getting bigger and bigger.


Go Wild

To keep things interesting Wave House has included provision for a Wild Card team. This is open to anyone who can get to Singapore and compete in the Wild Card Trials, a jam style format where four entrants will be selected to go head to head with the best flowriders in the world. Basically it’s a second chance for those who didn’t kill it at the qualifiers but believe they have what it takes to be an International Champion. Wave House is also offering the winners of the expert bodyboard and expert flowboard divisions of the US Flow Tour an all expenses paid opportunity to compete in the Wild Card Trials.


The Winning Formula

It’s not gonna be an easy path to victory. Riders will need to consistently put together a run that impresses the judges. Winners will display effortless style, variety, intensity and full mastery of the wave. The riders will be judged on execution, variety, difficulty and over-all impression. Each run will need to be 45 seconds packed with action that impresses the panel of judges from the US, South Africa, Chile and Singapore.

The format guarantees three days of intense riding. Every round won and point gained could mean the difference between a team being first, or last. The competition structure will utilize a head to head format for the Mens Division and a group format for the Woman and Bodyboard divisions.

We’ll be posting regular updates about the International FLOW Championships, Wave House Sentosa and the Singapore Qualifiers, as well as profiles on the contestants so keep in the loop.

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