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JASON JOHNSON: Wave Loch Video Edition

As the sport of flowriding gains acceptance and is legitimized globally, it is only natural that video and film (i.e. digital) begin to play a major role in its development. If you go to You Tube and type in “FlowRider” you will get about 9,800 videos. Type in “FlowRider tricks” and you will have access to almost 400 videos on how to do tricks on the FlowRider. Key in “FlowBarrel“… well you get the idea. We have inertia being created within our social space, and we are happy to have it.

There are four (and many more) young guys out there that have lifted their video A-game with respect to flowriding. We thought it was necessary to give them some props, as they have helped, in no particular order, the riders, the venues, the sponsors and Wave Loch. For that, we are truly grateful and wish Jason Johnson, Andy Gold, Dan Brown and Nick Nguyen the best in what could be blossoming careers shooting action sports photography. Stay with it guys, the SPORT needs you!

For the next four weeks, we will be highlighting one of these videographers in this newsletter and on our website.

This week, it’s all about Jason Johnson. In the midst of producing some videos for Wave Loch, Jason is also working with Deuce Brand and doing other freelance work, like shooting his first wedding. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this California native so passionate about filming and catch a sneak peak at his travel filled itinerary. All you ever wanted to know and more about……


“My goal is to always be traveling and shooting”

Age: 28
Pleasanton, CA 
Currently live in: 
Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA

Recent works: (Stevie Johnson video for deuce brand) (FlowRiding Video)

How did you get started filming? 
Just for fun, messing around with friends, a high school project first initiated interest. I was always into photography but not so much video and then it progressed into video.

Self taught or had some schooling?
Both. Mainly self-taught as far as the technical and editing side, but learned theory and all that jazz at SDSU. I was a film major there, with a minor in graphic design.

What’s it like being the guy behind the camera capturing all the action? Give us a feel for what you go through:
Whenever I get behind the camera, I feel a strong sense of control..and with that comes confidence. It’s a very natural feeling, almost as if I’m more free and take more risks when a camera is in my hand. It’s a good rush, especially when I know I got the right shot. Shooting is the best feeling in the world because I know this is what I’m supposed to be doing.

What’s it like filming flowriding? 
It’s a really big rush. It’s a challenge because of the elements. I look forward to it because it’s not boring and it is never the same shoot twice, especially with the kids and their tricks. It allows me to be more creative and free. The venue is a non-traditional venue and allows me to do non-traditional shooting. I can also use Go Pros and waterproof cameras as they bring more style into shooting.

What locations have you shot at and how does it differ from shooting other sports?
I have to use different gear because of the water factor but other than that it’s more fun and a little more relaxed. The pressure is a little more on the rider than on myself. Locations I have shot at include Wave House San Diego, Atlanta, Mammoth, Sacramento, Arizona, and New Jersey.

Do you have any other hobbies besides filming?
Snowboarding, graphic design/photography, football, mountain biking. Video is still sometimes a hobby.

Fill in the blank: When I’m not filming or editing you will most likely find me… 
riding my bike somewhere in Pacific Beach.

What’s next on your radar? Any upcoming projects you are looking forward to? 
Editing my first wedding and it’s going to be really different and non-traditional so I’m really excited about that. I used multiple camera angles from very unique positions that you wouldn’t usually see. I shot it more like a surf and skate video using go pro cameras.

Where do you get your inspiration from? 
I watch a lot of snowboard videos for inspiration. I grew up watching MTV and watching other material through the web. Pop culture and media in general is my biggest inspiration.

What is your favorite subject to shoot and why?
I don’t necessarily have a favorite subject to shoot but I prefer shooting action and movement because it allows my edits to be more dynamic and entertaining rather than, let’s say, interviewing someone standing still.

Any advice for those young guns out there who want to get their foot in the door but don’t know where to start? 
Best way to learn is to just go out there, take a camera and shoot what you want to shoot. Film something you are already passionate about. It should be something that comes natural and is already familiar to you, for example if you like to skateboard, go film skateboarding. Don’t shoot anything that is out of your element. Also know your gear like the back of your hand. With the resources we have available today there is no excuse not to. Knowing your gear and its limitations can help make or break a shoot.

Do you consider filming just a hobby or something you want/are making a career out of? 
It started off as a hobby and is now turning into a career. I see myself being in this field but not specifically behind the camera. Eventually my goal is to take on a bigger role and project, like directing.

Editing can be long and brutal….what gets you through those tedious hours behind the screen?
I love editing, it’s my passion but it’s also a love/hate relationship. The hardest part is not the actual editing, but physically sitting down in my chair to get started. For whatever reason, sometimes I just can’t get my butt in the seat…but once I do, it’s game on. I listen to music and try to go out and go for a bike ride in between. 5 Hour Energy Drinks help get me through those long nights.

Any cool new techy gear you’ve been eyeing? 
4K/RED cameras

Fill in the blank: What people might not know about me is that…
I lived in Guam for 5 months to shoot a documentary.

What’s next on your travel itinerary? Do you prefer global hopping or staying grounded right where you are?
I prefer traveling. Tahoe is next on my itinerary. My goal is to always be traveling and shooting. I just always want to be on the go. I really want to go to Thailand and Europe.

Of course we have to ask…stranded on a desert island. You can have 3 things (Keep it PG) GO!! 
Knife, camera, and a companion. (preferably female)

Desert Island Playlist:
Boards of Canada, Sasha, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Jay Z, The Matches

Parting words: 
Don’t take yourself or work too seriously, have fun, Live Life Loose!


Contact Info: 

Twitter: @mlkmade 

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