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Maeva Surf’s Amateur FlowRider Competition

Monday, September 26, 2011
Jesse Bérubé

Sunday, September 25th 2011 marked the very first amateur FlowRider competition in Québec. Held in Laval on Maeva Surf’s double Flowrider in association with O’Neill and Red Bull, this competition assembled nearly 30 locals, all of whom have been riding for less than a year, and who gave their best to woo the judges and the assembled spectators.

Six divisions were held, gathering Juniors, Women and Men in both bodyboarding and flowboarding divisions. For over three hours the judges, composed of two of Maeva Surf’s instructors as well as Vermont rider Dan Brown, watched and deliberated over the heats.

Highlights of the event included Khaled Hamza dominating in the Men’s bodyboard, putting pressure on the other participants to attempt tricks well outside of their usual routines, much to the crowd’s immense pleasure. Women’s bodyboard was a surprise win for Kathie Lagacé who normally favours
flowboard, but still managed to bring the fight to Marie-Michèle Cazes.

The junior’s gave a great performance, and demonstrated great sportsmanship as well. Julien Contant sprayed his way to a win on his bodyboard, showing great carves and a great use of the entire wave surface. In Junior flowboard, it was Mathieu Gravel who topped the podium in part due to his clean and controlled flat spins.

Women’s stand-up was a close battle, and in the end it was Marie-Michèle who came in first for her second podium finish of the day. In Men’s flowboard, Michel Fournier demonstrated that even though he was the oldest participant of the day, he could still shred his way to a third place on the podium,
which he shared with Yan Francoeur and Jean-Francois Amiot in second and first place respectively.

The event was wrapped up nicely with the staff and judges enjoying a much deserved jam session after their hard work putting together a very successful competition, which left everyone with the same burning question.

“So, when’s the next competition?”

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