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Sweden Goes With the Flow

Experium at Salen Installs a FlowRider® It gets cold in Sweden in the winter. Oh you betcha. Coooooold. When the earth tilts away from the sun and favors the southern hemisphere, Sweden does a pretty good impersonation of the Ice Planet Hoth from Star Wars. Everything freezes.

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Surf to Successful Teen Engagement When thinking about how our kids recreate today, remember that you are talking to the X-Box/Playstation generation. They are digitally integrated. And they have their own language and their own recreation needs. Those recreation needs are based on a voracious appetite for

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Water, Water Everywhere

Royal Caribbean International’s Oasis of the Seas Heads to Sea Propelled by Two FlowRider® Doubles During the first week of November 2009, Royal Caribbean International’s Oasis of the Seas departed the shipyard in Turku, Finland and headed out of the Baltic Sea and into the open ocean.

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Team South Africa Wins

IFC Presented by Billabong Comes to a Thrilling Close Team South Africa will go down in history as the inaugural title holders for the 2009 International FLOW Championships with three scintillating finals that carved a new era in the phenomenal sport of flowboarding. Earlier, the Singaporeans gave

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A Wave of Success

Wave Loch’s Sheet Waves Will Flood Your Bottom Line Since 1991 around 96 FlowRider® and 14 FlowBarrel® sheet wave attractions have been sold to a wide variety of public and private facilities around the world: From the sterns of cruise ships to the backyards of sultans, municipal water parks

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MOFLOW Goes to Toronto, Canada

FlowRider® Mobile Wows the Canadian National Exhibition. The Canadian National Exhibition is a very big deal. It’s a yearly fair and festival that goes back as far as the 1870s, when a roving agricultural fair that used to travel all though the province of Ontario finally settled in Toronto

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Wave Loch Making Two Minute Barrels Possible

Surf Science recently posted this article on their website. To learn more and surf better, visit During the surfers lifelong journey after perfect waves, it was only a matter of time before we entered the topic of man-made wave technology. The possibilities are endless! Perfect shape, no

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THE FLOW IS ON THE GO: FLOW Tour National Championships at Waterville, Alabama

THE FLOW IS THE GO FLOW Tour National Championships at Waterville, Alabama The 2009 Wave Loch FLOW Tour had 16 stops which began in Alabama in April, then flowed across the United States from Oregon to Florida, Plano to Pennsylvania, then flowed back into Waterville, Alabama for

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HIGHER, FASTER, WETTER: The IFC Qualifier at Wave House San Diego Goes Off

HIGHER, FASTER, WETTER The IFC Qualifier at Wave House San Diego Goes Off The performance level of standup flowboarding is going up and out, higher and faster than the Space Shuttle. That was the response and result after the US qualifier for the International FLOW Championships, held

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Fun Shui: How to turn waves into profit

Flowing water represents different things to different cultures. For the Chinese, flowing water is a Feng Shui symbol for wealth. You can see that symbolism on display in Singapore, where the Fountain of Wealth at the Sun City Mall is the world’s largest fountain – five towers

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