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Wave Loch’s Sheet Waves Will Flood Your Bottom Line

Since 1991 around 96 FlowRider® and 14 FlowBarrel® sheet wave attractions have been sold to a wide variety of public and private facilities around the world: From the sterns of cruise ships to the backyards of sultans, municipal water parks in the Midwest to exclusive resorts in the Middle East. As far north  as Norway and as far south as Chile, scores of public and private facilities around the world have invested time, money, and engineering to install “The Future of Nature.”

What more and more facilities are learning is that the risk and investment has resulted in greater than expected rewards and significant returns.

During the summer of 2009, Wave Loch and Wave House invested substantial resources and money to update all the websites associated with FlowRider and FlowBarrel and the facilities that use them. For companies familiar with the “Future of Nature” who are considering making that investment, the Wave Loch website has four “Case Studies” for a variety of facilities that are enjoying the returns.

  1. Adrenalina is a chain of retail boardsport shops that wanted to do something different. Some sporting good stores have batting cages, driving ranges and even artificial snowboard runs. What about placing an artificial wave in a retail shop? Preposterous! Wouldn’t everything get wet? The results of Adrenalina’s daring are detailed in dollars and cents on the Wave Loch site.
  2. Royal Caribbean International (RCI) installed FlowRider Doubles on each of their Freedom-class cruise ships. They have found that the FlowRider attracts teenagers, and “when you get the teenagers, you get the families.” And that has inspired RCI to order not one but two FlowRider Doubles for each of their next generation of cruise ships, which will begin launching in November of 2009.
  3. Republic, Missouri, is a small town near Springfield, Missouri, which operated a lackluster swimming pool at a loss. They took a chance and borrowed maybe more money than they should have to upgrade that swimming pool into a municipal waterpark with a FlowRider. The new facility would give local residents a place to cool off during the brutal Midwest summers, and also attract outsiders. Just like that, Republic, MO, had a great public waterpark that was operating at a profit, and the city fathers who took the chance came out looking like geniuses.
  4. Wet ‘n Wild Hawaii is a waterpark on the island of Oahu that faced its own unique set of challenges: How to attract residents and tourists to a waterpark on an island that is ringed with beautiful beaches and tropical waters. In 2004, Wet ‘n Wild took a chance and installed a FlowRider Double and then stood back in amazement as their attendance revenue increased, their retail operation enjoyed an unexpected bonus, and their Food and Beverage sales jumped.

These are just a few success stories from the high seas to deep inside shopping malls to the middle of America and out in the middle of the Pacific. To become a believer, read our Case Studies and see what the “Future of Nature” can do for your facility, and your bottom line.


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