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The 2012 Carbon US FLOW Tour Introduces Their Proud Sponsors

The 2012 Carbon US FLOW Tour is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve partnered with some amazing brands this season who are helping us create the biggest and best Tour to date. Charging into the season, the Tour has seven committed sponsors who are helping flowboarding reach new demographics and networks, while also engaging in new projects with the competitors and bystanders through social media and FLOW Tour events. One not to miss is FlowStar, a project presented by Title Sponsor Carbon, which searches for the next Carbon team rider and offers them a $5000 dollar sponsorship package. We couldn’t be more stoked these companies are rallying behind the movement and helping push the sport to new levels.

We’d like to introduce to you the 2012 Carbon US FLOW Tour sponsors.

Carbon is adrenalin on the move, an attitude and experience that transcends sports. Whether riding a wave or a downtown train, Carbon promotes self-expression and creativity. As a manufacturer of high-performance gear, Carbon is a catalyst for those who risk more and fly higher. Maintaining a competitive edge demands the highest commitment to design and quality. As a result, the Carbon product range is a combination of form and function. Inspired by the explosive style of extreme athletes, our philosophy is simple…try what you fear, hold nothing back.   |   |  @carbonmob  |

Look good. Play good. Wear deuce.
Deuce Brand is a sports accessory company bringing futuristic wrist-wear to planet earth. Developed by athletes with a twist of Cali swag,  Deuce Brand makes the Ultimate Sports Performance Watches.  Light weight, colorful, comfortable and customizable. Throw your #DEUCE         |         |          @deucebrand       |  Instagram: deucebrand

As you reach new heights and expand on many horizons, we want to make sure we’ve got your back. We’ve always had our roots firmly planted in the Southern California active scene and we strive to address your ever evolving needs. We want to make sure you always look your best! So let us get you dialed with today’s top apparel.       |       |
@ShopOverload              |         Instagram: shopoverload

SURF RESOURCE NETWORK is a nonprofit organization that supports local communities by partnering with organizations in surf-rich regions and encourages surfers give back where they go to travel.

The Surf Resource Network recognizes high quality surf as a valuable natural resource, which can be leveraged to provide means for community development. Our mission is to support local economies by partnering with organizations working to create positive outcomes for developing communities in surf rich regions.

The Surf Resource Network supports local economies by raising funds for our partner organizations, facilitating the placement of volunteers within these organizations, fostering research and education, and developing sustainable projects to better the lives of individuals in the community.

The Surf Resource Network makes it easy for surfers to help local communities by providing a directory of “SRN Approved” accommodations, service providers, and volunteer opportunities around the world, which give a percentage of profits back to community based projects.      |     |

Reeflex Wetsuits USA offers bodyboarders and flowboarders a premier wetsuit
experience with suits that provide the ultimate warmth, flexibility, and
comfort. Our innovative designs and unique colors help riders incorporate
style into their performance. With multiple styles of 4/3’s, 3/2’s, and
springys, we are sure you will find the perfect Reeflex to fit your needs.

SuperDuper Surf stands out in the water with the brightest and loudest colors. These threads are made by flowboarders for flowboarders. Check out the collection online.    |

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