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The FlowRider® Mobile lands in Central London with Naked Juice

Having launched the European FlowRider Mobile in Dublin in June – the next stop was Central London to an incredible venue that pushed the limits of possible installations – Broadgate Arena, Liverpool Street. During the winter, this space plays host to an Ice Rink, and in the summer squash competitions to golf putting challenges. However, no-one had ever imagined anything like this was possible:

The install and the first few runs were captured by the creatively brilliant cameras of TR7 Productions, and an exceptional edit can be viewed on the homepage of or directly below.

Under the experienced eyes of Buzz Production the install went without a hitch, and Broadgate Arena are already talking to us about a repeat event next year.

Naked Juice were the sponsors of the event, organised by Initials Experience, and they pulled out all the stops to ensure an incredible atmosphere was created alongside the FlowRider Mobile, with mock sand, palm trees, geodesic domes and incredibly friendly promotions staff handing out Naked Juice. Special mention should go to the fresh, flavoursome, natural juice that was served non-stop. It kept everyone hydrated and pumped for the whole event.

This was especially useful for the early starts, our main man, Sam Butler, took the brunt of these to appear in the TR7 film and this Daybreak section that was broadcast repeatedly all day and has the presenter nearly falling off his chair with laughter. View video on YouTube Now. 

The response from the public was incredible. Naked Juice advertised the sessions only two weeks before the event and filled up over 120 spaces per day. Every day there were 4-6 sessions of competitions with two teams of four challenging each other in a range of tricks and manoeuvres.

George Eapen, Group Marketing Manager at PepsiCo gave the following summary, ‘This is the first time Naked Juice has engaged with consumers in this way and we have been overwhelmed by the response. We hope we have given the public a taste of what makes Naked Juice so unique and exciting.’

Special thanks to Animal; who provided our instructors with wetsuits that kept them warm for their 12 hour days in the cold, English summer – absolutely awesome.




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