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Wave House Santiago’s 2011 Season Begins with Flow Tour/Alt Games Competition

Wave House Santiago kicked off their 2011 Flow Tour this past weekend with an intense competition resulting in new tricks, an all expenses paid trip to San Diego, CA and even a broken nose!

Juan Pablo Diban and Patricio Polanco went to head to head in the Men’s Final for the title. Patricio completed an almost perfect run and Juan Pablo, in an attempt to take the lead, tried a strapped double blackflip, but only made one flip before falling and breaking his nose! He didn’t let that stop him though and got up to finish his runs.

Isidora Ureta and Nicole Buraschi battled for the top spot in the Women’s Final by performing backflips – never before seen in the ladies division in Chile!

In the end, Patricio and Isidora were named the winners of this stage of the 2011 Flow Tour and will travel to San Diego, CA in May to compete in the Alt Games (read about the Alt Games), an event focused on college action sports including snowboarding, skiing, wakeboarding and flowboarding.

Click here for more details, pictures and quotes from the winners on!

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