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Wave Loch Announces the 2012 FLOW (Flowboarding League Of the World) Team

The sport of flowboarding is fast becoming a household word, as Wave Loch, LLC and its global licensee’s (WhitewaterWest and Aquatic Development Group) are building FlowRiders® at an alarming pace around the globe.  The support from these organizations has led to the creation of FLOW (Flowboarding League Of the World), and FLOW is now in a growth mode it has never seen before.  While the sport of flowboarding has been around for nearly twenty years, the last 4-5 years has seen a significant ramp up of competitions globally.  Starting with a global World FLOW Championship competition in 2009, to the creation of FLOW Tours in Asia and Europe, and with the US FLOW Tour’s 20+ events for 2012, the sport is starting to gain traction like never before.  2012’s competitive climax will come in the form of World Championships on the FlowBarrel® at Wave House Mallorca, Spain, in September and a World Championship on the FlowRider at the Salomon Center, Ogden Utah, in October.  The competitive calendar is growing year over year, and with it, the sport is expanding its’ sphere of influence.

Wave Loch’s goal is in the expansion of the sport, and while it is the market leader in sheet wave technology, it is also the leader in the technology of the boards used for flowboarding.  Wave Loch continues to put significant full time resources into the development of top of the line wave riding vehicles.  Wave Loch also places great value on a team of individuals who not only represent the core values of the company, but that can provide feedback for further technical discovery and exploration.  And, last, but certainly most important to us, these are individuals we have great faith in to be ambassadors for the sport we love so dearly.  They eat, live and breathe the sport.  Welcome to the 2012 Wave Loch team:
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Eric Silverman –
Sean Silveira –
Nick Nguyen –
Matti Griffin –
Andy Haase –
Robert Puls –
Carter Wood –
Nic Sanchez –
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Vanessa Arroyo –
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