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Wave Loch’s FlowRider® Mobile invades Argentina

Wave Loch’s FlowRider Mobile has once again gone south for the winter – into the summertime extremes in the southern hemisphere of Argentina.  The travels of the “MoFlow” are highly documented, and after a summer exploring Canada from Calgary to the Canadian National Expo in Toronto, it escaped the winter in the northeast by catching the quickest ship south to follow the endless summer.  Since it has previously spent 4+ months touring Brazil, it has expertise in the bilingual experience.

It landed in Argentina a few weeks ago as part of a three month tour of Argentina, managed by Olas Del Sur (Wave Loch’s partner there).  This tour is bound to bring awareness to the fun and excitement surrounding the FlowRider.  Josh Ornelaz, Wave Loch’s wave ambassador on this tour, states “the excitement and energy in Argentina will likely only be matched by the power and fun the Mobile FlowRider brings to the region.  With the passion of the Argentinean’s, it is a daily fun fest!”

Please stay posted as we hope to deliver up to date news on the progress of our 2nd South American tour.

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