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Wave Loch’s Latest Documentary “A Peek at Some Pro’s”

Here is look at our latest media creation. We are proud to release a documentary video based on 6 of the top athletes in the sport of flowboarding. Take a look into the lives of these remarkable athletes as they expose their passion, motivation and dedication to a sport that is ever progressing. Capturing the action of Derek “Zoo” Zemen, Sean Silveira, Nick Nguyen, Amy Luis, Greg Lazarus and Eric Silverman, these athletes are evolving the sport of flowboarding and changing the way the world looks at action sports. They are carving the path for the future of this sport with progressive tricks and skills, and still keep pushing the envelope further.

We are honored to cultivate such amazing talent and are proud to showcase the lives and passion of these athletes into our latest documentary.

So go ahead, and take a peek at some pros…

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