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Behind the Scenes: FLOW Tour 2012

Wave Loch is at it again.  We are ramping up our competition calendar for the 2012 FLOW (Flowboarding League Of the World) Tour season, and for a brief look inside, we are having 20 events in the USA this year alone.  That’s right, 20!  There will be 10 Prime events and 10 Pro Am events.  We are passionate about the sport and the athletes that are involved, and it is truly amazing to see what the top riders in the world can do on a FlowRider. We are also expanding our horizons further in 2012, as we are adding Europe to the FLOW Tour, and we will be expanding the second season of the Asia FLOW Tour.

Behind the scenes we have a remarkable crew who are diligently driving the competitive landscape for 2012, as well as the social media initiatives. We have many people who wear multiple hats in our organization and beyond, so check out who is making it happen for 2012 competition calendar:

  • Greg Lazarus – FLOW Tour Operation Manager.  You will most likely see “Laz” at most of the Prime events this year – working, rather than competing!  As most of you know, Laz was, and has been, at the top tier of the sport for many years, and is now “Championing” the growth of the sport that he dearly loves.
  • Rob Chalfant – Wave Loch Merchandising Manager.  Rob will be out there assisting us, bringing his So Cal spirit to venues across the nation, as he moonlights operating the FLOW Tour for 5 years running.
  • Chris Grannone – FLOW Tour Operations Director.  Chris will be out at every Pro AM event this season, and working as hard as ever at growing our beloved sport.  Chris has been at this for over 10 years, has a love for the game, and will be at a venue near you soon.
  • Derek Zemen – Wave Loch Sports Marketing Manager – “Zoo”, the 2007 ALT Games Champ when attending USC, has decided to join our sporting crusade.  He will be working diligently to keeps our sponsors happy!  He is also actively involved in pushing the sport globally.
  • Kristin Swanson – As an Inside Sales and Service Rep for Wave Loch, she doubles her pleasure by helping Zoo with the Face Book site, and keeping the news and content fresh on our web sites.
  • Piers Hampson – As the Manager of the Flow House Bedford in the UK, Piers is leading the charge to help develop our competitive mission for Europe in 2012.
  • Joe Ang – As the Manager of Wave Operations at Wave House Sentosa in Singapore, Joe is a busy guy.  But, not too busy to help lead the charge for the second season of the Asia FLOW Tour
  • Marshall Myrman – COO Wave Loch. Marshall is our teams bullet proof vest. We tell him what we want and he lets us make it happen. When he isn’t signing off on all our crazy ideas, you can find him Stand-Up paddling a stones throw from the Wave Loch HQ.

Of course, this doesn’t include all of the volunteers at the local level that help make it happen, but our sport is growing, so come be part of it.  We have just launched our FLOW Tour Face Book site, so pay us a visit and have a chance to win a brand new Shuvit Flow Board!  As the spring moves into summer, stay tuned for a developing web site that will be the real time answer to all of our dreams…. But that is about all I can say at this time.  Go compete, have fun, and go with the FLOW……….

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