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Wave Loch Announces 2012 FLOW Tour

FLOW (Flowboarding League Of the World) introduces the new formatted tour schedule

FLOW is happy to announce the release of the 2012 US FLOW Tour Schedule. Competitors and venues across the nation will be happy to see that the new schedule format is not only efficient for the traveling competitor but ensures the venues will have great participation at each event.

The multi-stop format is a great way to give the competitors a chance to compete in two or more events within a single weekend, which proved to be very effective during the 2011 FLOW Tour season.  This format should help grow each event and in turn create a more competitive arena for our sport.

The tour has been split up into 2 types of events. The “Prime” tour events are competitions that will have the required minimum prize money pool of $2500 as well as the all-important point system. There will be 10 Prime events including the Championships. Each competitor’s best 6 Prime results including the championships will be added together to bestow the 2012 season champions in their respective divisions. (See 2012 Rule Book for more details at

The “Pro/Am” events are competitions that will be included on the tour schedule but will not have the point system and do not have a required prize money pool. These events will be run by a tour official and will be held on dates in between the prime events. The tour officials believe that having these events will only increase the number of competitions throughout the year and will give a great boost to competitive flowboarding. Keep a close eye on the Pro/Am events as more may be added throughout the season.

Finally, visit our newly launched Flow Tour Facebook page where competitors and followers can find news, tour schedules, updates, photos, videos and much more. To kick off the start of this Flow Tour season, we will be giving away a Shuv-it Flowboard to one of our lucky fans. Just visit our Flow Tour Facebook page, click the “LIKE” button, and you will have automatically entered yourself the chance to win a free board!

We look forward to this season and for further information please call (858) 228-9319 or email

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