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Canada’s Third FlowRider Opens in Grande Prairie, Alberta

Canada now has a third FlowRider located in Alberta, in the town of Grande Prairie.

The newly constructed indoor venue has multiple pools, slides and attractions, but featured front and center is the world famous FlowRider® sheet wave attraction.  The venue plans to open in December.


According to Meghan Monette, Aquatics Supervisor, the FlowRider is the one attraction that the staff was most excited to see and train on.

During the two day training, the staff picked up the sport of Flowriding very quickly and are already planning on starting a Surf Club, so the locals will consistently have an opportunity to improve.  The club president, Derrick Hall, has been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to try out the FlowRider and already has plans for special training times and future competitions to encourage the locals to get involved.

The excited staff were not short on comments about the FlowRider:

“I have never in my life been on a board of any kind, and now I can surf (Flowboard)!!!!  Even though I am just a beginner, that was so much fun, I can’t wait to get on it again, and perfect my skills. I also feel comfortable enough to share my passion for the FlowRider with everyone who enters the facility; to teach them the love for it that I have,” Meghan Monette – Aquatics Supervisor

“I’m sure the Flowrider will be hugely popular.  It’s a lot of fun, and you can challenge yourself as much, or as little, as you want.”  Derek Hall, President of the `future` Multiplex Surf Club

“The Multiplex in Grande Prairie is Canada’s third location for a FlowRider. We are thrilled to have one in our facility to help ease those long cold winters of Northern Alberta. We know this will help transport us ‘mentally’ to a warmer place with a beach and ocean!” – Cheryl McKenzie , Multiplex Marketing Manager

As part of a design and build project by Wave Loch’s North American licensee – Aquatics Development Group – the FlowRider continues to gain traction around the world and is being recognized for its ability to provide fun, fitness, and adrenaline to any aquatic location!

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