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NICK NGUYEN: Wave Loch Video Edition

As the sport of Flowriding gains acceptance and is legitimized globally, it is only natural that video and film (i.e. digital) begin to play a major role in its development. If you go to You Tube and type in FlowRider you will get about 5,300 videos. Type in Flowrider tricks and you will have access to almost 400 videos on how to do tricks on the FlowRider. Key in FlowBarrel…. Well you get the idea. We have inertia being created within our social space, and we are happy to have it.

There are four (and many more) young guys that have lifted their video A-game as much as anyone with respect to flowriding, and we thought we would give them some props, as they have helped , in no particular order, the riders, the venues, the sponsors and Wave Loch. For that, we are truly grateful and wish Jason Johnson, Andy Gold, Dan Brown and Nick Nguyen the best in what could be blossoming careers shooting action sports photography. Stay with it guys, the SPORT needs you!

This week, we will be highlighting Nick Nguyen. Nick Nguyen is our last, but definitely not least, featured videographer. Nick is probably one of the hardest people to get a hold of and that he because he is constantly on the go – literally – check out his travel itinerary. Filming, editing, competing, traveling…He’s a one man band. It is clearly obvious through Nick’s work that this 2x World Champion is just as passionate about filming as he is about riding. He is an advocate of the sport of flowriding and continues to spread his talent by filming and actively participating in this growing community. So thanks Nick, and keep on charging!

NICK NGUYEN: Wave Loch Video Edition

“I feel like I’m doing something great by entertaining the flowriding community while also helping the sport to grow simultaneously.”

Age: 24
Dallas, TX 
Currently live in: 
Orlando, FL

YouTube Channel:

How did you get started filming? 
I originally began filming while at the local water park Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Arlington, Texas where I first started flowriding and body boarding.

Self taught or had some schooling?
I’ve had some schooling but mainly I’ve taught myself everything I know, whether it was by trial and error or watching other people’s work or just looking up different tools and techniques on YouTube and Google.

What’s it like being the guy behind the camera capturing all the action? Give us a feel for what you go through:
It’s a lot of fun, but it isn’t nearly as easy as it looks. You can’t just put a camera in front of the Flowrider and expect great things to happen, well you can, but that’s not going to get you very far. I really enjoy being able to recap on all the good times and great tricks that take place on the Flowrider, and filming helps me to do that.

What’s it like filming flowriding? 
It’s pretty crazy because not that many people film and get the chance to actually make some of the first flowriding videos out there. I feel like I’m doing something great by entertaining the flowriding community while also helping the sport to grow simultaneously.

What locations have you shot at and how does it differ from shooting other sports?
All of the flow tour stops throughout the U.S. for the past 3 years and also all of the International Flow Championships in Singapore and South Africa. I also had the opportunity to shoot some stuff in Canada the last few years during my stay out there riding on the Flowrider Mobile. There’s a variety of techniques to filming every different sport, skateboarding is different than snowboarding and snowboarding is different than flowriding, surfing, etc…I’ve had the opportunity to shoot all of these sports and each one is similar in some ways, but also each has its own unique methods to getting a good shot.

Fill in the blank: When I’m not filming or editing you will most likely find me… 

What’s next on your radar? Any upcoming projects you are looking forward to? 
After the international Flow Championships (link) we are going on a pretty big flowboard/snowboard trip to Canada and Utah.

Where do you get your inspiration from? 
Being one of the first people to help the sport get a little exposure!

What is your favorite subject to shoot and why?
I really like getting shots of good tricks and what not on the flowrider, but I also enjoy shooting my friends and our experiences at the different locations we visit throughout the FLOW Tour and around the world.

Any advice for those young guns out there who want to get their foot in the door but don’t know where to start? 
Just jump in the water and start shooting, that’s the only way to learn, but make sure you have water housing. Haha, you wouldn’t want to lose your camera to some water damage accident.

Do you consider filming just a hobby or something you want/are making a career out of? 
Both! It wouldn’t be fun if it felt like a job.

Editing can be long and brutal….what gets you through those tedious hours behind the screen?
don’t sleep, I’m like a Martian!

Any cool new techy gear you’ve been eyeing? 
A new MacBook Pro quad processor and a new video camera!

Fill in the blank: What people might not know about me is that…
I’m a 2x World Champion!

What’s next on your travel itinerary? Do you prefer global hopping or staying grounded right where you are?
The next trip would probably be to Utah or California working on some sponsorships. I like being on the road and at airports every week but sometimes I miss home, and a good home cooked meal. I sometimes wake up not knowing what city or time zone I’m in and watches are never the right time! (LOL)

Of course we have to ask…stranded on a desert island. You can have 3 things (Keep it PG) GO!! 
A camera, my friends and a FlowRider – genius!

iPod Favorite:
“Your Song” by Ellie Goulding

Parting words: 
Flowriding is going to be huge!


Contact Info: 


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