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DAN BROWN: Wave Loch Video Edition

As the sport of flowriding gains acceptance and is legitimized globally, it is only natural that video and film (i.e. digital) begin to play a major role in its development. If you go to You Tube and type in “FlowRider” you will get about 9,800 videos. Type in “FlowRider tricks” and you will have access to almost 400 videos on how to do tricks on the FlowRider. Key in “FlowBarrel“… well you get the idea. We have inertia being created within our social space, and we are happy to have it.

There are four (and many more) young guys out there that have lifted their video A-game with respect to flowriding. We thought it was necessary to give them some props, as they have helped, in no particular order, the riders, the venues, the sponsors and Wave Loch. For that, we are truly grateful and wish Jason Johnson, Andy Gold, Dan Brown and Nick Nguyen the best in what could be blossoming careers shooting action sports photography. Stay with it guys, the SPORT needs you!

For the next four weeks, we will be highlighting one of these videographers in this newsletter and on our website.

This week, Dan Brown is on our radar. This young gun is definitely one to watch as he breaks into the flowriding and snowboarding scene. After I got off the phone with him I had to remind myself that this guy is only 21 years old yet has this maturity and experience that is so rare for someone his age. Besides filming and editing and snowboarding and flowriding and traveling and….phew! I need a break. Dan has projects lined up like tech geeks outside an Apple store waiting to buy the latest iPhone. He is unstoppable. Did we mention he’s 21?! Alright Dan, share your magic with us.

DAN BROWN: Wave Loch Video Edition

“All self taught… I took one class but eventually became the teacher’s assistant.” 

Age: 21
Paramus, New Jersey 
Currently live in: 
Stowe, Vermont

Recent works:

How did you get started filming? 
The summer when I was 14, I saved up all my money to buy a video camera to fool around with friends and film snowboarding as a hobby in Pennsylvania.

Self taught or had some schooling? 
All self taught by trial and error. I used YouTube to look up graphics and learn how to do everything. I took one class but eventually became the teacher’s assistant.

What’s it like being the guy behind the camera capturing all the action? Give us a feel for what you go through:
I don’t really know what happens. With snowboarding you don’t pay attention to watching the actual tricks the riders are performing. I pay more attention to keeping riders in the shot so I’m watching the screen on the viewfinder. For flowriding you get to sit back and watch the action as its happening.

What locations have you shot at and how does it differ from shooting other sports?

We know you are an avid snowboarder and have some great snow footage. How does filming flowriding compare to snowboarding? Do you apply the same techniques to both?
With flowriding the wave is the main feature so I get to be a little more creative with it. It’s a predictable atmosphere and I know I’m not going to get kicked out. (laughs) With snowboarding I shoot a lot of urban shots so I use my tri pod a lot. There are a lot more variables to look out for like the riders safety, lighting, riders moving around and the cops trying to kick us out.

Do you have any other hobbies besides filming? 
Semi-pro planker

Fill in the blank: When I’m not filming or editing you will most likely find me… 
At Darkside Snowboards in Stowe. Hands down best snowboard shop in the world because it rocks a pirate theme.

What’s next on your radar? Any upcoming projects you are looking forward to?
Season 2 Triple Chair Thursdays. It’s a video series of skiers and snowboarders basically having fun in the park. Go to and to watch. Other than that I’ve got a couple snowboard trips lined up to Montreal, NYC, and Jersey. I’m also trying to team up with companies like Rome and Rhythm.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
In terms of editing I have ideas in my head and let the rest unfold as it’s all happening. I like having fun with my friends and showing that aspect through film. Also, I really like the film company, The Standard Snowboard Crew or the People Crew. I like their style and features and the riders they pick and also the way they edit.

What is your favorite subject to shoot and why? 
Anything with my friends is awesome to shoot because it interests me the most. I was filming with the Rhythm Livin US team and it definitely was one of my most memorable experiences. Shout out to Keenan, Gus and Getek. It was 20 below and we shot all day and night for 5 days but it was wicked fun.

Any advice for those young guns out there who want to get their foot in the door but don’t know where to start? 
Once you get a camera, stick with your gut and always be stoked on what you are filming.

Do you consider filming just a hobby or something you want/are making a career out of? 
I would love to get into marketing/action sport event production and still have filming as my hobby. I just want to be happy and pumped to go to work. I would love to be the director of tours or something along that line. I love the adrenaline rush before an event happens.

Editing can be long and brutal….what gets you through those tedious hours behind the screen?
Actually editing is relaxing for me. I’m always traveling and I’ll usually edit after a week of traveling. I definitely keep caffeine handy. I always have my computer with me and plan on bringing it this winter while I’m at the mountain.

Any cool new techy gear you’ve been eyeing? 
I would have to break it down into a few categories: I’m dreaming for a remote control helicopter with a go pro attachment. I’m hoping for a Camtrol steady cam rig to help steady my camera for capturing jumps. I’m most likely going to get a new wide angle lens. It’s cheap and it works.

Fill in the blank: What people might not know about me is that…
I love lamp.

What’s next on your travel itinerary? Do you prefer global hopping or staying grounded right where you are?
Global hopping. I just got back from Maeva Surf, big shout out to JF and Patrica, I plan on making a trip back up there this winter. I’m also going to England in March for my sister’s wedding. She’s getting married in Liverpool. Also, I’m hoping to make it out to Wave House in San Diego.

Of course we have to ask…stranded on a desert island. You can have 3 things (Keep it PG) GO!! 
Macbook Pro, Fifa 12 and any good buffalo wing restaurant

Desert Island Movie List: 
Anchorman, Dark Knight, Super Troopers, The Office, How I Met Your Mother

Last parting words:
Never lose your dinosaur!


Contact Info: 

Phone: 201-655-4293

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