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Surf Loch Flying High at 35,000 Feet

The view from 35,000 feet up is spectacular.Seeing-the-World-Through-an-Airplane-Window-15

It gives one perspective. The vastness of our planet, the closeness of space, the varied biomes on our continents. Twinkling cities at night evidence humanity, huge swaths of forest and ocean evidence nature in her majesty, and the vast sky above evidences the mystery of the universe.

If you’ve flown a commercial jet, you’ve seen this view. That’s how high up you were – 35,000 feet. However, we “commercial” passengers are but ferried about at another’s whim. The view is but glimpsed, and briefly at that, subject to the vagaries of weather and flight patterns.

It is a “rented” view if you will.

ross and ranneyWhat is it like to OWN that view?

What might it be like to say “Pilot please bank left a little would you? I want to get a better look at that mountain lake.” What might it be like to be Master & Commander of that 35,000 foot view? To savor it at your leisure?

Because it’s YOUR OWN PLANE.

Would it bring any changes to your perspective on life? Would your mindset change? Your heart? Is it humbling or aggrandizing? Isolating or connecting? Who are these people? What are they like?

And of course the burning question in our offices about these rare birds who travel by private jets and helicopters – DO THEY SURF???  This month we discovered, indeed they do.

Surf Loch at 35,000 Feet.1927 article crop 3

Get a glimpse into the world of private aviation services in the “1927” magazine catering exclusively to private jet and helo owners.

Forget your “American Way” magazine: dog eared, crumpled and stuffed into the seatback pocket. 1927 is worthy of coffee tables in the rarest high rises.What are private jet owners interested in anyway? What do they like to read while travelling from Geneva to New York? This is the 1% of the 1%. Who are these people? Take a look.

This month 1927 features an extensive article on the future of artificial wave technology. Our sister company, Surf Loch, and our CEO, Tom Lochtefeld, drive the discussion.

Unfold the future, here, on page 86

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