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Will Surfing Be In the 2020 Olympics?

surf olympicsSurf Loch SurfPool Would Be The Perfect Olympic Training Venue.

Once again the surfing community is crossing its fingers hoping to become an Olympic sport. Last week, International Surfing Association submitted a formal bid for surfing to be included in the 2020 Olympics. Think we’ll make it to Tokyo 2020?  Are we ready as a surfing community? Surf Loch’s SurfPool™ would be the perfect training facility: big pumping waves, coming at you in waves-per-minute (instead of minutes-per-wave), with machine-like precision so you could focus on repeating your moves over and over to perfection, and then building on that new skill.


What Makes A Sport An Olympic Sport?

This does raise the question of standards for the sport and its training grounds, the definition of “surfing”, and how many years of preparation does an Olympian athlete need to be focused and training for the Olympics. Surfer magazine polled key industry members and comes up divided.

Where Does This Leave The USA?

Wave Loch’s sister company, Surf Loch, will be opening its first full-sized commercial SurfPools™ in The Netherlands (Rif010) in 2017, with dozens more projects in various stages of development, so at this point European surfers will have an edge over the USA in terms of practice facilities. Come on America!

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